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Life mission house plans, 12 free Plans and Interior design views of kerala style 2 bedroom houses

Life mission house plans 2021

Well designed kerala style house plan is available for beneficiary of Kerala life mission,One can select from great design collection of 400 Square Feet homes with well illustrated interior views,square and rectangular shape layouts are available asper your requirement.

Life mission house plans

The LIFE Mission is a housing scheme, to provide shelter to landless and homeless people in Kerala. The target is to build 4.3 lakh homes in five years. Under this programme, housing complexes will be built with all modern amenities and provisions will be made for the beneficiaries, to pursue their livelihoods. Now you can free download life mission house plans with 3D elevation and 3D sectional view. 

This life mission house plans shows you the layout of a home or property from above. Floor plans typically illustrate the location of walls, windows, doors, and stairs, as well as fixed installations such as bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinetry, and appliances. Floor plans are usually drawn to scale and will indicate room types, room sizes, and wall lengths. They may also show furniture layouts and include outdoor areas.


3D elevation

3D sectional view

Click here to download free plans from Kerala life mission


What is the purpose of the Life Plan?

The entire Housing Security Scheme (LIFE) aims to provide safe and decent housing for all landless, homeless, unfinished and uninhabited people of Kerala within the next five years.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Life Plan?

Homeless with land

Those who cannot complete the construction of housing/ have uninhabitable housing

Temporary housing in the backyard, coastal or horticultural sector

Beneficiaries of Life
Scheme for Landless and Homeless

What is the priority criteria for beneficiaries?

Mentally challenged/ blind/ physically weak

The poor



Serious / serious illness

Single Mothers

Those who are sick/ unable to earn income by working in danger


Architects in Kerala

Many of the top design trends in India right now have their origins in Kerala. For instance, what is referred to as “tropical modern” seems to be a continuation of the traditional Kerala homes that were built here decades ago, thanks to its popularity among tourists and even interior magazines. In recent years, architects and designers in this southern Indian state have started to make a name for themselves, winning local and national awards for their work.

There are 6500 registered architects in Kerala as of 2021 Council of Architecture (COA) records. From early players such as Iyer & Mahesh and Chandramohan Associatestony joseph to names like Design Combine and TM Cyriac, the industry has grown so much that today the state has more than 6000 practicing architects and close to 40 institutions offering architecture studies.Read more…

Interior designers in Kerala

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