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CCTV cameras nowadays are an essential surveillance system required for both commercial and residential buildings. most of the buildings in Kerala rely on CCTV cameras for security reasons. Modern security camera systems are equipped with remote viewing feature that facilitates the user to access the CCTV footage of the area on their laptops or smartphones

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Table of Contents

Categories of CCTV cameras

Mainly two categories of closed circuit television camera CCTV camera are available based on technology used

IP CCTV camera (Network Camera)

IP cameras provide better picture quality and more durable requires less maintenance and are more expensive than analog cameras

Analog CCTV camera

An analog camera CCTV system is the cheapest option and nowadays available in HD

Types of CCTV cameras in Kerala

Based on the type of mounting of surveillance camera installation , technology, and mechanism CCTV devices and security  cameras  can be classified into the following types

1. Dome cctv camera

These dome-shaped cameras are the most economical cctv camera, dome camera is a popular model used as an indoor camera


Easy to install

vandal proof

Suitable for indoor and outdoor


Houses, Shops, Hotels

2. Bullet CCTV camra

These cylynidrical shaped outdoor CCTV camera caputure visuals of certain area from distance. They are resistant to water,dust and heat


Weather Resistant

Vsible from distance


Residential and Industrial outdoor surveillance application

3. C-Mount cameras

The shape and applications are similar like bullet  camera, but the lenses are detachable and can be changed according to the distance of survilance area


Can be operated for distance beyond 40 feets

Advanced model than bullet cameras


Widely used in various industries and real estates outdoor security systems

4. PTZ camera

Due to its ability to be operatedPan Tilt Zoom (PTZ), these are the most useful camera for surveillance purpose, these can be moved horizontal vertical and zoom in


Close montering of objects

Face recognition features

Live tracking features


High security purposes

5. Day/Night cameras

They are ideal for low light conditions, night survilance also possible using the sensitive imaging hardware


Not affected by sunlight or reflections

Does not produce infrared beam


Indoor and outdoor survilance in low light

6. Infrared Night vision CCTV

These are night vision camera using infrared technology to produce crystal clear images in Zero light conditions, expensive than a Day/Night camera


Foul proof survilance 24/7


High security night survilance

7. Wireless CCTV

These expensive types of cctv is easy to install, it requires a power connection and can be connected over IOT



Easy to install

Remote monitoring and storage


Temperory buildings and remote places


HD CCTV cameras provide a clearer picture,


Available in all models

Easy to identify individuals and objects


Places prone to theft and crime

More specifications of CCTV camera

Inbox cameras lens positioning is easier 

New model surveillance cameras support landscape mode

Fisheye type of CCTV camera provides a 360-degree view

Focal length can be adjusted in varifocal cameras

zoom cameras are also available

IR cameras are operational day night CCTV

Thermal Image Cameras /Infrared Cameras Thermal image cameras can see over long distances, up to 300 meters away

Array led cameras to provide more suitable for night vision

ANPR cameras are designed to identify minor details such as vehicle numbers

Thermal cameras are used as a fire prevention system

CP plus and hikvision are the leading brands in the security camera segment, other domestic and international brands are now available at Ernakulam and Kerala

What is the Difference Between an NVR and a DVR for a CCTV camera system?

A DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, and an NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. Now, these two recorders fulfill pretty much the same purpose. They both receive video data from your security cameras, they let you manage all of your cameras in one place, view all of your live feeds, and of course, they record your security footage for you as well.  While the purposes of these two types of recorders are essentially the same, their functionality is quite a bit different, so now we examine the main differences between a DVR and an NVR.    Generally speaking, a DVR is the recorder that you would use for most analog security setups, whereas an NVR is what you will use for IP security setups. But the main difference between these two recorders boils down to this:    how does the recorder receive the video?    A DVR receives raw video input from the security cameras and it does all of the processing and encoding right there within the recorder, whereas an NVR is just receiving video streams from the network. So in other words, the IP camera does all of the video encoding and processing, it then streams that video to the network, and the NVR picks it up. hope this is all making sense to you so far, but if not don’t worry because we are about to dive a little bit deeper into each of these recorders. First, let’s take a look at this DVR.    DVRs are used primarily in analog systems. a tribrid model can take various analog signals, such as TVI, CVI, and AHD. It can also take an IP input, which we will talk about a little bit later, at the back of this DVR, you can see that we have various connections

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10 ways to Monitor Surveillance IP CCTV Cameras and DVR/NVR over Network

The main purpose of video surveillance systems is to monitor the situation, recording what is happening at various objects: warehouses, shops,  hospitals, factories, and many other places.  However, such systems need to be monitored themselves. Otherwise, if something bad happens, and you urgently need to view the video footage from a surveillance camera, you may find out that it had stopped recording a week ago for some reason.    There are many types of cameras and several networking protocols by which these devices can be monitored. Now we are going to show 10 various methods of how you can monitor the performance of video cameras and recorders over the network using the program “10-Strike Network Monitor”. Let’s consider the simplest and most common case when a   video surveillance system consists of IP  cameras and a DVR connected to one network. A simple ICMP ping of the recorder or cameras will give you an answer if the devices are working. First, you run the program,  add the camera to the host list and create the ping check. Then, you configure what to do if the ping fails.     In our case, we will simply display a message on the screen, but we can also configure the program to send notifications to SMS,   E-mail, Slack, execute a custom script,  record to a log file, or use other methods. Done. The check has started. You can see the ping graph on the “response time for the last hour” tab. You can also display this data on a graphic widget and add it to the network map. After the ping error, an alert is generated. Sometimes, it is not enough just to ping cameras and DVRs if you want to understand whether all the functions of cameras are working.     For example, a device

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Wired CCTV camera vs wireless CCTV, which one you should choose?

Security cameras are really helpful, but figuring out which one to get can be difficult. Especially if you’re choosing between wireless and wired cameras. Let us check, how easy, or not easy, it is to use these cameras, and how much it all costs. When looking at wireless and wired cameras, the differences are becoming less obvious. Especially since wireless cameras have improved quite a bit in the last few years. One example of this is 24/7 recording, which used to be mainly offered by wired cameras. But the new model cameras connect to your WiFi and can record 24/7 to an SD card. Outdoor Nest Cams also use WiFi and record 24/7 to the cloud.  These are great options, but of course, there are some trade-offs. SD cards can fail over time, and there are monthly fees for cloud storage. Wired cameras avoid these issues by recording to a hard drive in your house. Like new NVR models has up to 2 TB of storage built-in, so you can record multiple cameras 24/7. There are no fees and it’s very reliable since it will record even if the internet is down. These cameras also record 4K footage. Which is higher quality than the 2k or 1080p resolution you typically find in wireless cameras. you can zoom in too,  Wired cameras have their tradeoffs as well. Starting with setting them up. With wireless cameras, it’s pretty simple. Charge up the battery or plug it in for power, connect it to the app, and you’re good to go. That’s why wireless cameras are becoming so popular. They make it so easy. Wired cameras require more work, but it’s not as bad as you might think. New model cameras like NVR that come with the kit have 8 ethernet ports on the

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