Never miss these six points in your building contract

Once the architect completes the designing part,common practice in Kerala is to  award the building contract to a building contractor.

If we do not pay attention to these six things in the building contract, it may cause conflicts towards the end . Incompleteness in the contract ultimately benefits the contractor, note the following things.

1, Excavation & Earth work 

Check whether excavation and earth works for ground leveling foundation and tanks included in the contract

2, Material Specification

Along with the other building materials,quality of concrete grade, sand, TMT, Bricks, paint and PVC as well as other materials should be specified. There is a price difference of 30 – 60% depending on the quality.

3, Related works

Some contractors do not mention interior works, septic tank, soak pit or compound wall in the contract.,This need  clarity.

4, Work Duration

Not only the completion date, but it should also mention the solution in case of delay.

5, Ready Mix Concreting

Mention the change in the contract amount if you have to use Ready Mix Concreting due to rain or other reasons.

6, Payment schedule

For a single story house normal schedule is like 16% when the foundation is completed, 14% when the lintel level is completed and 10% for the main roof,  do not hesitate to negotiate and reduce the amount.

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Image courtesy : Faisel Koyakutty 3D designer

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