Paint price in Kerala

Painting of a new house is generally carried out after curing of wall plastering, white cement, cement primer, putty, etc. are applied prior to painting for best results, this also helps to reduce the consumption of paints, using similar colour paints is preferred than multiple colours to save your budget

a major part of your painting budget is spent on wall paints, ceilings and windows consumes less amount of paints but require more labour

red texture wall paint
Red texture wall painting

Wall Paint

To make the walls look fresh, elegant, cracks-free and of smooth surface, two coats of emulsion wall paint are applied, after cement primer, emulsion paints provide protection and finishing to your home, interior paint is pocket friendly than expensive exterior paint,

Best paints in Kerala

asain paints is one of the leading paint brands in Kerala, other brands are berger, indigo, narolac etc.

Asian paints products

leading paint brand Asian paint products are mainly sold in three categories more than a thousand shades and colours

tractor emulsion paints, premium emulsion paints, and royale luxury emulsion paint based on durability, washability and finishing

asain paints sell paints with additional features like germ protection, glossy, matt finish etc apcolite health shield, asian paints apex, apex ultima, royale luster are among the popular emulsion paints
Teflon coating, lead-free, odour free, antifungal, anti-dust, anti-dirt, etc are the latest features you should note

Asain Paints Exterior Series, the very first series is the Distemper series. It comes with 4 types of paint: Tractor Uno, spark, spark advance, and Aqua lock.
Tractor Uno normally comes in a 20L bucket which costs around ₹800-1000 generally done at rental properties, Stores and Shops Coverage is usually 100-120 Sq.ft. in 1L of paint, consists of about 900 shades but its finishing is not that good.
Tractor Sparc, costs around 1500-1660rs a bucket, generally done at rental properties and Shops, if you want you can use in houses also, but you won’t get the feel of it, but if it comes in your buying range you can apply it. and its life is about 1 year
Tractor Spares Advance,
Its cost is a bit higher than the previous one, only 1-2 things are changed in this paint, which will not make a huge difference.
The next one is the Emulsion series, which consists of 3 types of paints, Tractor Emulsion, Tractor Emulsion Advance, Tractor Emulsion Shyne
We will use this in rental properties only if we want to attract clients or if we are located in a good neighborhood where good customers are prevalent. Tractor Emulsion costs about 2000-2300rs a bucket. We can use it both for houses and rental properties. Its coverage is the same as a distemper but there are a variety of colors in it, 1600+ is better than a distemper, this ain’t is not washable paint inside is more than a distemper, if a distemper has 1 year, its life is about 1.5- 2 years before years you won’t require to paint your house again, and this comes in plastic paint category with plastic and 40% distemper
Next, let’s talk about Tractor Emulsion Advance, it costs around 2000-2600rs a bucket, its properties are the same there won’t be much difference, its finishing increases and the life remains same and its a plastic distemper, one extra point is it comes with anti-fungal properties, which means if you are not at home, it won’t attract fungus to itself, because when we repair it’s very expensive, so this won’t happen with advance
Next, let’s talk about Tractor Shyne, if you want a better paint it costs around 2000-2600rs a bucket, the special feature, which you can understand by its name only, is that it comes with shine on your surface, and the feel you will get will be a bit better it is washable paint, only one time washable, which means if you get some stain on it, it, you wipe it off once, but frequently otherwise, the paint will start peeling off its life is 2 years, before that you won’t require to paint your house again, but plasticity remains the same and it comes with anti-fungal properties.
The next one is the Tractor Emulsion premium series/Apcolite series. You must have heard this name it consists of 5 types of paints,
The first, one is, Tractor Emulsion premium/Apcolite emulsion premium emulsion paint, this is a high-range paint if you have your private office apply there, or use it on your house interiors just use this paint where not too many people pass by, as it is an expensive paint because if you will use this in the local area this paint will Detroit faster, and you will have to paint it again it costs around 4500-4900rs a bucket, its coverage is again same, shades are also same if you will use this paint the finishing will be a matte type new thing in this paint is that it is 3-5 time washable its life increases to 2-2.5 years, and it is a plastic paint which is why it is washable extra properties are it is antifungal and stain guard, which means stains won’t come very easily
The next one is Apcolite Satin, you would have already understood that it comes in a satin look, sheen, shine, gloss, and matte all look like the look it costs around 5200-5700rs a bucket, and you can apply it at home or your office, only it comes which satin finish on your surface, and does not have much a difference
The next one is Apcolite Shyne, again its rate is the same, and you would have already understood that it comes with a shine on your surface, and again its properties are all same and its life increases to 2.5-3 years Next one is Apcolite Heavy Duty emulsion, this paint is also same, not much of a difference, only one special feature it comes with is, for example, if there’s a lot of moisture in your house, you will be getting is that you won’t get stains and cracks in it, and one very good feature is that increase it does not wear and tear easily cracks won’t develop and paint will not get tear up you must have seen that layers peel off the surface, this won’t happen with this one that’s why it is named Heavy Duty emulsion, and life of your paint will increase
The next one is Apcolite protect, this is the most expensive paint of this series because if you see written, it is a fire retardant paint, which means, just suppose if there’s a fire in your house, this paint will not catch fire easily, that’s why it is the most expensive paint, this is like 5700-5800 rs because its rate fluctuates, not everyone uses it
The next series is Asian royale you can understand by its name that its royal, it is a luxury paint now in this luxury paint the first one is royale luxury emulsion you will get a matte sheen type finishing it costs around 8000-8500rs a bucket, and it will give a very luxury feel, its coverage is again same, shades increases a bit, again it’s a washable paint can be washed more than 5 times its life is more than 4 years, and its antifungal one thing which adds is Teflon Coating layer when we apply this paint, this coating comes automatically which makes this paint very durable, and gives it high strength, and it doesn’t deteriorate easily
The next one is the royale luxury emulsion matte now which is also the same, there’s a bit of difference in cost you will get a matte-type finishing in it,
The third one is royale luxury emulsion shyne now this is also the same, there’s a bit of difference in cost all other properties are the same, only there’s more of a shine in this paint and if you like shining paint you can use this
The next one is royale Health Shield & Health Asthma allergy friendly now the special thing about this, as the name suggests, Asian paints claims this paint kills bacteria and is anti-fungal, and it is silver ion technology-based,
Next one is the most expensive paint which is royale aspira this paint is very expensive, the base we need to prepare is also very expensive because its finish is of very premium quality, this is used in very high-end projects generally, it costs around 10500-11500rs for 20L bucket now the two things it is having is the strength of Teflon coating increases, silver ion technology-based, and it is also flame retardant i

Interior Painting Cost

Interior painting is an easier task since easy to access and not affected by weather condition but there are some disadvantages it produces dust and fumes since interior paints are cheaper compared to the exterior

Exterior Painting Cost

Exterior painting is expensive not only due to the elevation and weather conditions, also exterior paints are expensive

exterior painting

The quality of paints is the main factor deciding the painting cost,

leading paint brand asian paints products are mainly sold in three categories

tractor emulsion paints, premium emulsion paints, and royale luxury emulsion paints based on durability, water resistance, and finishing