Popular interior design materials used to make your kitchen cabinets

Are you in the plan of making a new kitchen or in the idea of renovating the existing kitchen? at this time, you will be confused about what materials or what kind of materials combination can be used in the kitchen and moreover,

 It is always suggested that to choose the type of kitchen materials according to your requirements and used not only because of the cost or budget, let’s assume that u have designed an exotic or nice kitchen already,  the same kitchen you can design in three or more types of budget for example; from a low budget, medium, and to a high budget. so, we can design it, in different types of budget, mainly because of the materials and their combination of how we use them. 

 Materials used for kitchen cabinets. before understanding kitchen materials, you must know an important thing a kitchen has three major materials, if want to build a good kitchen you must need these 3 types of materials,


The first type is core material, the second is surfacing material, and the third is hardware that you use in the kitchen.  so, let’s discuss this one by one. but before that a small suggestion before you buy any material, core material like plywood, and fiberboard, or surfacing materials like laminates and acrylics, and the hardware 

 Before buying this product or these kinds of materials, you must understand that those types of companies or the materials are how long or how many years they are available in the market. a minimum period of at least 5 -10 years they must be available in the market   do not buy materials purely based on money, it can be any type of brand, you need to know how long those brands are available in the market and then it is suggested to buy those materials, 

 Core materials first, let’s discuss the core materials, core materials are the base or foundation material of the cabinets which can be used inside the surfacing materials,  which is more like a foundation that brings a strong product. basically, if the core material is good it will be more durable.  

 solid wood

The first core material is solid wood,  solid wood was the material that was mostly used now they are not used much mainly because of its cost,  options in solid woods are teak wood, Segun woods, and Indian rosewood there are many types of solid woods are available.  and moreover, solid wood is nontoxic material because they are not mixed with any chemicals.  and also it is a renewable resource it was mostly used material before.it is costly, and moreover, for people who can afford good labor, more time and money you can use this material, 

 metal cabinets

 The next core material is metal cabinets are mostly made of stainless steel or aluminum it is a very strong and durable material the main drawback is, it is slightly costlier than the other options available so, in case you have a bigger budget if you can spend extra on your kitchen, you can go for metal cabinet options also.  and moreover, you can plan to use the metal cabinets as the base unit also.  and other overhead or loft cabinets you can plan to use different core materials that you can adjust your cost also. 


The next option is fiberboard, in the fiberboard options are Particleboard, MDF, HDF, and HDHMR  MDF is medium density, HDF is high density, and HDHMR is a high-density high moisture resistant board available in the market. the specialty of this is it has a smooth shutter finish, based on this they are mostly preferred to use in the shutters and doors as compared to plywoods this is the cheaper option, and moreover, most furniture manufacturers prefer to use the fiberboards material mainly because it is cost-effective, and then based on its surface finish. and then if you take it as life-wise, it doesn’t have a longer life span.  if durability is your major option and you won’t give up on it, fiberboard is not the option for you  


The next surfacing material is plywoods it is one of the cheaper alternatives to solid wood but it is slightly costlier than fiberboards. so, in plywoods, there are different varieties available like moisture resistant boards boiling water-resistant – BWR, BWP – boiling waterproof boards are types of options available so, in the kitchen when you work on base cabinets, it is suggested to use boiling waterproof boards and at least plan to use boiling water-resistant boards which are good because in the kitchen, there will be high water moisture or the water content so, use plan to BWR or BWP  plywoods are mostly cost-efficient, it has a good life and it also carries good strength and screw holding capacity is better in plywood plywoods are one of the majorly used materials in building modular kitchens, 

 composite boards 

The next option is composite boards, that available that is WPC – wood polymer composite or you might have heard about the PVC panels. it is a hybrid material, it is a manufactured mixture of polymer fiber, wood, and additives in certain ratios.  it is a greater alternative to plywoods and fiberboard because it has higher waterproof, termite resistance compared to any other plywoods or fiberboards. the small drawback of the material is because it has less density the screw holding capacity is less as compared to plywoods so, if you prefer using composite boards, plan and purchase and use boards that have a higher density or high-density boards and moreover, it is as good as fiberboard’s surface finish like smooth surface finish you can use this in various doors or the area that needs to be given a smooth surface finish you can use these composite boards. 

 The next major component is the surfacing materials the surfacing materials are used on top of the core materials it is more like a protective layer or decorative material of the core. most of the finishes or surface finish or the output of the kitchen cabinet is defined by the surfacing material, need to be more careful in choosing surfacing materials. 

 Wood staining or varnish so, the first surfacing material is wood staining or varnishing very common and it is used from ages is varnishing, it adds an extra layer or extra color to solid woods not only on solid woods you can use it on plywood s and also in fiberboards it acts or creates a protective layer when it is applied on the solid wood or any other wood and moreover, but it also saves the core materials from dirt, sunlight, and water. it protects from all these kinds when you use the varnish 

 Painting the next commonly used material is painting so, inpainting based on the interiors and kitchen cabinets there are two major options PU painting and Duco painting generally, you can use the painting with material that is fiberboard and composite boards. because of its surface and even you can use it for metal panels also  it is mainly because it is good to have the core material that is already with a smooth finish the output will become better when you paint on it 


Laminates, the next prominent option is laminate it is a familiar choice for many modular kitchen companies or interior designers or any company who does modular kitchen would use laminates most of the time it is mainly because this is the low-cost option compared to other surfacing options, low maintenance, and long-lasting properties. laminates have two types one is paper-based laminates and the other one is PVC laminates are available in various thicknesses, colors, designs, and textures it is fairly durable and scratch-resistant and also it is fairly resistant to wear and tear moisture, and heat, it is mostly used because of these properties acrylic sheets the next option is acrylic sheets are mostly preferred to the people who need the high glossy finish like with glossy laminates with a better gloss finish, for this, acrylic sheets or acrylic laminates are used mostly it is considered as a cheaper alternative for lacquered glass but compared to laminates it is costlier. acrylic sheets are available in various thicknesses, like 1mm, 1.3mm, 1.5mm, and even 2mm but acrylic sheets with better thickness like more than 1.3mm and 1.5 mm will be better like it gives you good output 

 Veneer sheets the next surfacing material is veneer sheets, veneer sheets are nothing but it is a layer of hardwood and it is a greater alternative for solid woods. people who cannot afford solid woods for their kitchen can plan to use veneer sheets because veneer sheets’ finish will look equivalent to a solid wood’s design and finish moreover, you can also varnish veneer sheets because it is having these properties, you can use veneer sheets,  


hardware the next one is most used material in the kitchen is the kitchen hardware,  the first kitchen hardware we gonna discuss is the hinges


hinges- you would have noticed that it will be present in the kitchen cabinet shutters connected with the carcass so, commonly used hinges are the cut hinges or Indian hinges.  cut hinges are still used but nowadays European hinges are familiar,  European hinges are modern-day hinges and available in various types of opening angles and moreover, in European hinges, u can also get like normal close hinges or soft close hinges, hinges like these functions u can purchase use them. 


telescope channel the next hardware system is telescopic channel telescopic channels are used in the drawer system or cabinet box that connects to the carcass in your kitchen.  light to heavy bearing channels are also available so, according to your usage whether it is light usage or heavy usage is better according to your usage, you can purchase and use them. and then, again in this also there are normal close, soft close systems and nowadays there are motorized like servo motor based telescopic channels are also available that it opens and closes in just a touch-based on your budget you can choose these materials accordingly kitchen accessories another major component that comes in the kitchen is kitchen accessories 

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