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Selecting the right panels for your solar system​

Selecting the right panels for your solar system

Solar panels contribute more than 50% of the total cost in the on-grid solar system and 60% to 70% in off-grid solar installations, you should consider the following factors while installing your rooftop solar plant

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In simple words, the energy produced from standard-sized panel mentioned as efficiency, 1-meter width and 2-meter length are the average sizes of new models panels available in India,  the output of such a mono-perc solar panel varies from 330 watts to 550 watts the efficiency is 17% to 22% respectively

You have to install more panels to get the desired power output when you are using less efficient panels, e.g. 15 no’s of 335-watt panels are required for a 5 kW project, the same output can be obtained with more efficient 420 watts 12 no’s panel

Efficiency is important in larger projects when mounting structure and maintenance access installation is influenced the total system cost.

Types of solar panels

Polycrystalline, mono-perc, Half-cut mono-perc bi-facial, shingled mono-perc etc. are the popular types of solar panels now widely used in India

Monoperc panels are considered more suitable for Kerala climate conditions for their performance during low light conditions

Half cut solar panels got two power outputs, even one part is affected by shade or dust remaining have will deliver power

Bi-facial panels are new in the list which is designed to produce energy from both sides of the panels are an expensive option too

Warranty and Degradation

All the MNRE approved panels are sold with a performance warranty of 25 years. Irrespective of the manufacturer, power output from the panels are reduced at various points throughout its lifecycle, and the 25 years performance warranty has mentioned the expected annual power decline in the warranty terms

whereas international brand sun power solar claims the best figures with an annual power decline of 0.3% Power output and more than 92% output after 25 years,

best performing Indian brands got  0.65 %  annual power decline and 81.9 % output after 25 years

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