V-guard solar system

(subsidy not available)

Why you should choose well established companies for your solar plant?


Manufacturer warranty of 25 years on solar panels, and other components warranties are valid only when the installation is done as per the manufacture instructions, and the conditions may vary from brand to brand, Only an experienced installation company can provide you quality installation with whole responsibility on the product warranty

“Solar panels alone cost up to 50% of the total project, the loss might be so huge for the people going for cheaper installers”

Existence of the company

Unlike other devices, solar panels are expected to have a life span of 30 to 40 years, we should wisely choose a well-established company so that we get lifetime support for our solar system

“Customers searching for their installers who disappeared after offering “XX” years of service warranty is the biggest scam in the solar business”

Troubleshooting the faults are not easy as installing, Damaged components are the common reason for system failure, in such cases, the installer has to procure and repair/replace the components soon as possible, V-Guard got stock of essential spare parts, The service channel they have already established with leading manufacturers  help you to replace or repair the damaged parts without much downtime of your solar system

“How sad it will be to pay the KSEB bill again for months, for those who choose cheap installers to save a few rupees”