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About Us

Customer satisfaction in the home construction industry has been so poor for decades in Kerala, that created mistrust and suspicions against home building professionals and their motive

Lack of transparency in terms of quality standards and pricing of services and products makes the construction substandard and expensive, a lot of  incidents happened where unqualified professionals and fraudsters spoiled the dreams of home building individuals, who were misled by advertisements on the internet and social media

qoobon.com was formed to tackle all existing problems in the building industry in Kerala, with our innovative ideas, which will provide a stress-free home building experience to home building individuals in Kerala



Other than the limited services and products you find within your circle, 

we offer you a much larger network of professionals and products, and in home building, the more you engage people in your project, the better ideas you are going to receive



Each rupee you spend should be invested in your home, not in somebodies bank,

 Our services, and products are carefully designed and well optimized to provide the customer the best value for money



Transparency is the term the building industry misses at the moment

Transparent pricing of our products and services provides direct insights into expenses and credibility of service provider

Startup Recognition

qoobon.com is Recognised by DPIIT  under Startup India Program to Scale and benefit from the Pool of Investors and Incubators

We Will Help You Every Step Of Your Construction