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Our home needs to be designed with a heart that you and your loved one enjoy and like to spend some time in. An efficient interior designer can incorporate your requirements in each nook of your home, which means that your living spaces match your every need. 

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These best house interior designers based in Kochi work with the client to tie your design with their design expertise, producing the ideal interiors layout program, that exactly meets the client expectations.These top interior designers in Kerala will also make certain that the work is implemented with all the substances of the greatest standards. Along with the best home interiors design ideas,

When you are planning a home design or renovation project always people get confused between the styles of interior decoration, antiques, traditional furniture, modern decor. The first thing to do interior design your dream home is to choose the style of design and professional interior designers

There are mainly three categories from interior design companies to freelance interior decorator

How much does interior design cost in Kerala?

For the design alone, interior designers charges anywhere between ₹10 to ₹80 per Sq Ft, depending on the following things

Competency of the Designer

From Architects to freelance designers, design charges vary according to their academic qualifications and years of experience

Designing software

Advanced software renders great interior design images with micro details, which makes the visualization very effective, cost of software and efforts taken for detailing affect the pricing

Types of views and drawings

Depending on the number of rendered images and drawings, the designing cost will change, a walkthrough 3D animation and complete work drawing will be much costlier than a normal ariel view

Inclusive of materials, electrical works, and carpentry, a complete package for a medium-sized 3BHK house with modular kitchen and wardrobes, flooring and ceiling, will cost anywhere between Rs.6 Lakhs to Rs.12 Lakhs depending on the materials and accessories

Best interior designers in kochi,Kerala

Qualified Interior designer

Many architects in Kerala are specialized as interior designers, innovative ideas and great knowledge in space planning makes many of them the best interior designers in Kerala. They provide all interior design services including modular kitchens, Floor planning, bedroom interiors, office space, lighting arrangement

Interior designing company

Every interior design company is a dedicated team of experienced interior designers, engineers, and craftsmen. Interior designing companies like RAK interiors, DLife interiors, Arena interiors, Lemon interior designers, etc provides customized interior designing solutions, interior design projects as turnkey contractors, They also provide total interior design packages of different budgets. All of these interior design companies have their factory ,and a team of designers, project managers, best technicians to fulfil the client’s dream home décor requirements.They also offer interior design services for office spaces and commercial projects in Kochi and all other places in Kerala.

Freelance Interior designers

Young individuals after completing their courses to become professional interior designer are the cheapest option for many home builders, many of them turn out to be great interior decorators and provides awesome designs similar to qualified interior designers

How to design interior space

There 7 core principles home interior designers use in creating beautiful living space



Form or Shape





Interior design styles

Many new build homes in Kerala look-alike in interior space design mainly due to a lack of knowledge of various designs, If you want to create a welcoming, modern home, it’s just as much about comfort as it is about style, It’s about creating something that looks and feels good to you!

Many design styles are re-emerging from long ago, styles that are just trending for a little while, and styles that are pretty much timeless. 

Mid-century Modern, Industrial, Vintage, Minimalist, Rustic, Urban model, Shabby chic, Bohemian, Eclectic, etc, are the popular interior design styles nowadays.

Most popular designs and their elements.

Mid-Century Modern

Organic and geometric shapes. 

 clean lines with a mix of both organic and geometric shapes. …

Function over form. …

Minimal ornamentation. …

Contradicting materials and textures.

Neutral color patterns

Bringing greenery indoors.

Modern Industrial

Naked pipes structure and ducts.

Wood and Metal Combinations

brick walls.

Concrete floors, and roof

Vintage furniture & accessories.

Radiating light fixtures.

Earth-Tone Colors.

Shabby chic

Vintage furniture and lights

Combination of rustic and ornate styles.

Mismatched items

Neutral backgrounds with a soft pastel palette.

Popular interior design materials used to make your kitchen cabinets

Are you in the plan of making a new kitchen or in the idea of renovating the existing kitchen? at this time, you will be confused about what materials or what kind of materials combination can be used in the kitchen and moreover,  It is always suggested that to choose the type of kitchen materials according to your requirements and used not only because of the cost or budget, let’s assume that u have designed an exotic or nice kitchen already,  the same kitchen you can design in three or more types of budget for example; from a low budget, medium, and to a high budget. so, we can design it, in different types of budget, mainly because of the materials and their combination of how we use them.   Materials used for kitchen cabinets. before understanding kitchen materials, you must know an important thing a kitchen has three major materials, if want to build a good kitchen you must need these 3 types of materials,   The first type is core material, the second is surfacing material, and the third is hardware that you use in the kitchen.  so, let’s discuss this one by one. but before that a small suggestion before you buy any material, core material like plywood, and fiberboard, or surfacing materials like laminates and acrylics, and the hardware   Before buying this product or these kinds of materials, you must understand that those types of companies or the materials are how long or how many years they are available in the market. a minimum period of at least 5 -10 years they must be available in the market   do not buy materials purely based on money, it can be any type of brand, you need to know how long those brands are available in the market and then

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6 interior design principles for designing your dream home

A good design is not only about the aesthetic aspects. it’s not just placing beautiful things in the space. it’s about how each element works together in the space to transform our lives. So design is not only about beauty it’s the clever play between all the elements in the space. Some design principles exist that are a crucial part of creating a great design When you know the basic interior design principles you can transform any space to look and feel fabulous and unique you can sense how everything feels cohesive you can feel how everything works in unity!   You can achieve that effect in your own home following these principles you can pair that knowledge with practice and experimentation on your way to creating a perfect space The following 6 principles are the keys to creating inviting spaces that family and friends will love spending time in but don’t be afraid we will explain it simply! So let’s get started!   The most important element that anchors the design and adds interest is Emphasis! Also known as a “Focal Point” A focal point should be something interesting to look at something colorful or texturally and visually appealing a particular item to create a visual impact. Imagine a huge vibrant painting above the fireplace or a wall in bold paint color or covered with wallpaper to draw attention to your living room. When you are walking into the space and your attention is focused on a particular element, like the huge painting above the fireplace or the bold accent wall this might be the focal option of the room and the principle here is Emphasis. A room where everything gets equal importance will seem either scattered or boring. You need an anchor you need a focal point to

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Architects vs interior designers, roles and responsibilities

 Talking about the difference  between interior design and architecture  from the type of projects to liability  and license the design process  education career  and as we go through this you’ll probably  kind of get a sense of what type of  skills and personality type would be an  ideal fit for each  In a very general sense  architects design buildings including  the envelope, the foundation the roofs, and interior designers design the  spaces within that shell this  difference in scale has a huge  impact on the work itself, and your  day-to-day would say the biggest  difference is the speed the  timeline for an interiors project is  much much much shorter than an  architecture project  within the period of a few months or just a  few years you go from concept to  construction to completing a project in an architecture project the process of  going from concept to construction could take years  and a lot of times you might decide  after doing a feasibility study that you  know the project is not even worth  continuing, SO if you are someone who’s  in this design field to  see the thing that you designed get  built which is you know valid, the interior should be a  consideration for you but as an  architect, you can also work on interior  fit-outs or renovations which is where  it gets a little bit confusing, but this  is very very common, the biggest distinction  it comes down to the  liability and the license and the  ability to stamp and seal drawings and  pull permits  Asper NBC even if you’re doing very  minor work you still need to apply for a  permit  and when your interiors project involves  things that could compromise the health  and safety of the occupants of a  building you need someone who can sign  and

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10 Things to Know Before Interior Designing Your House – Renjith Associates

  Many mistake interior designing for choosing the right colors and furniture that match, but it goes way beyond that. Interior designing is the art of transforming buildings into livable spaces.    Despite it all coming down to just bricks on bricks with an ample spread of mortar to hold them together, each house radiates a unique ambiance.    Some suffocate you while some leave you out of breath. You can’t wait to get out of a grandeur mansion with shiny walls and oddly placed furniture. But time flies in a humble abode with a mesmerizing combination of colors and indoor plants. Interior designing is, in fact, a multifaceted discipline that requires creative, technical, and practical knowledge.   Planning to decorate the interior of your house?    Renjith Associates is one of the leading interior designing companies in Kochi. With the help of our accomplished interior designing team under the leadership of Mr. Renjith Puthenpurayil, you will be able to enhance the aesthetic as well as functional aspects of your house.    Here are a few guidelines we follow at Renjith Associates Interior Designing, Kochi, to make interiors livable, spacious, and easy on the eye.     1. Divide your needs into two – general/common and special needs.      Before decorating your interior, make sure you have listed out your requirements. Defining your needs gives you a clear picture of the project and saves you a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort.    2. Leave room for a shoe rack at the entrance       It is often the little things that take the design a notch up. Like a shoe rack at the entrance. Nothing robs the beauty of a well-designed space than the multitude of shoes laid carelessly at the entrance.     3. And.. a foyer

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