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Interior designers in Kochi, Kerala

Our home needs to be designed with a heart that you and your loved one enjoy and like to spend some time in. An efficient interior designer can incorporate your requirements in each nook of your home, which means that your living spaces match your every need.



These best house interior designers based in Kochi work with the client to tie your design with their design expertise, producing the ideal interior layout program, that exactly meets the client’s expectations. These top interior designers in Kerala will also make certain that the work is implemented with all the substances of the greatest standards. Along with the best home interiors design ideas,

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If you went for calm, relaxing, and cleansing, you might want to look into minimalism.

is great for someone who wants to walk into their space and feel like they’re entering a  clean slate, a place to decompress, and a place 
that will just sort of soothe their weary soul.

If you chose energizing, stimulating, and 
creative, you might want to look into boho.  

Boho is an interior style that’s great for 
anyone who feels like they’re hyper-creative  and they love to be surrounded by 
things that stimulate that creativity.

If you chose cozy, warm, and textured, 
you might want to look into Scandinavian.  
Scandinavian, or Scandi, is great for someone 
who likes to feel that sense of coziness,  
who loves being surrounded by textures and 
elements of warmth, raw natural materials, but still with a minimal, clean look overall.

if you chose bright and bold, there are 
few styles that lend themselves very well to a bright and bold aesthetic: maximalism, boho, and 
glam are three styles 

people who really like to express themselves in a bright 
and bold way through color. Now, of course you can be bright and bold with pretty much any interior 
style, but maximalism, boho, and glam simply lend themselves nicely to that. There’s a lot of 
freedom within these styles to play with color.

If you chose monochrome, then you 
might want to look into minimalism or Scandinavian. Both minimalism and 

when it comes to color, often embrace a very monochrome color 
palette. Because they’re both very much about promoting a sense of peace in the space, a sense of calm, a lack of clutter,  a sense of wellbeing… and a monochrome 
color palette helps them do that.

If you chose dark and moody, then you might 
want to look into dark decor as a style.

Dark decor is exactly as it sounds. It’s about embracing those dark, rich hues, often with dark black painted walls, dark furniture, lush fabrics. 

If you chose a masculine, metallic, and 
antique you might be interested in industrial, as an interior style. Industrial is all 
about embracing those hard, masculine, metallic elements. Think old warehouse, industrial 
factory aesthetic, but stylish. Edison bulbs, iron mixed with raw wood. Steampunk is 
a good example of an industrial style.

If you chose natural and woodsy, 
you might want to look into rustic.

Rustic is great for anyone who’s attracted to a raw, earthy, woodsy look.  You might be attracted to the farmhouse look, or it can even be an old English cottage look. Rustic as an interior style is actually a lot 
more versatile than a lot of people think,  

if you chose glitzy and decadent, then you 
might want to explore glam. Glam is all about  decadence, so when you’re shopping for decor

When you are planning a home design or renovation project always people get confused between the styles of interior decoration, antiques, traditional furniture, and modern décor. The first thing to do interior design of your dream home is to choose the style of design and professional interior designers

Competency of the Designer

From Architects to freelance designers, design charges vary according to their academic qualifications and years of experience

Designing software

Advanced software renders great interior design images with micro details, which makes the visualization very effective, cost of software and efforts taken for detailing affect the pricing

Types of views and drawings

Depending on the number of rendered images and drawings, the designing cost will change, a walkthrough 3D animation and complete work drawing will be much costlier than a normal ariel view

Inclusive of materials, electrical works, and carpentry, a complete package for a medium-sized 3BHK house with modular kitchen and wardrobes, flooring, and ceiling, will cost anywhere between Rs.6 Lakhs to Rs.12 Lakhs depending on the materials and accessories

How much does interior design cost in Kerala?

For the design alone, interior designers charges anywhere between ₹10 to ₹80 per Sq Ft, depending on the following things

Best interior designers in Kochi, Kerala

There are mainly three categories from interior design companies to freelance interior decorators

Qualified Interior designer

Many architects in Kerala are specialized as interior designers, innovative ideas and great knowledge in space planning make many of them the best interior designers in Kerala. They provide all interior design services including modular kitchens, Floor planning, bedroom interiors, office space, lighting arrangement

Interior designing company

Every interior design company is a dedicated team of experienced interior designers, engineers, and craftsmen. Interior designing companies like RAK interiors, DLife interiors, Arena interiors, Lemon interior designers, etc provide customized interior designing solutions, and interior design projects as turnkey contractors, They also provide total interior design packages of different budgets. All of these interior design companies have their factory, and a team of designers, project managers, and the best technicians to fulfill the client’s dream home décor requirements. They also offer interior design services for office spaces and commercial projects in Kochi and all other places in Kerala.

Freelance Interior designers

Young individuals after completing their courses to become professional interior designer are the cheapest option for many home builders, many of them turn out to be great interior decorators and provides awesome designs similar to qualified interior designers

How to design interior space

These 7 core principles home interior designers use in creating beautiful living space

Space – Lines – Form – or Shape – Pattern – Light – Color -Texture

Interior design styles

Many new build homes in Kerala look alike in interior space design mainly due to a lack of knowledge of various designs, If you want to create a welcoming, modern home, it’s just as much about comfort as it is about style, It’s about creating something that looks and feels good to you!

Many design styles are re-emerging from long ago, styles that are just trending for a little while, and styles that are pretty much timeless. 

Mid-century Modern, Industrial, Vintage, Minimalist, Rustic, Urban model, Shabby chic, Bohemian, Eclectic, etc, are the popular interior design styles nowadays.

Most popular designs and their elements.

Mid-Century Modern

  • Organic and geometric shapes. 
  •  clean lines with a mix of both organic and geometric shapes. …
  • Function over form. …
  • Minimal ornamentation. …
  • Contradicting materials and textures
  • Neutral color patterns
  • Bringing greenery indoors.

Modern Industrial

  • Naked pipes structure and ducts.
  • Wood and Metal Combinations
  • brick walls.
  • Concrete floors, and roof
  • Vintage furniture & accessories.
  • Radiating light fixtures.
  • Earth-Tone Color

Shabby chic

  • Vintage furniture and lights
  • Combination of rustic and ornate styles.
  • Mismatched items
  • Neutral backgrounds with a soft pastel palette.

Interior design companies and packages in Kochi, Kerala

In our online estimator you can custom design your interior designing packages with the latest offers the best home interior designers in Kochi, Kerala with excellence in space design, these packages cover customers’ home space planning like kitchen, kitchen accessories, living room, dining room, bedrooms, etc,

Home interiors designers and decorators in Kerala

Interior designers in Kochi, Kerala

Been operating for more than a decade we are among the best interior designers in Kochi and all of Kerala

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