Architects in Kerala

Many of the top design trends in India right now have their origins in Kerala. For instance, what is referred to as “tropical modern” seems to be a continuation of the traditional Kerala homes that were built here decades ago,thanks to its popularity among tourists and even interior magazines.In recent years, architects and designers in this southern Indian state have started to make a name for themselves, winning local and national awards for their work.

There are 6500 registered architects in Kerala as of 2021 Council of Architecture (COA) records. From early players such as Iyer & Mahesh and Chandramohan Associatestony joseph to names like Design Combine and TM Cyriac, the industry has grown so much that today the state has more than 6000 practising architects and close to 40 institutions offering architecture studies.

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Architects fees in Kerala

Most of the architectural firms in Kerala charge based on the proposed build-up area of the project, This varies from ₹ 40 / sq. ft to ₹ 150 / sq. ft for residential units, COA guidelines for Single Block Housing and sites up to 0.5 hectares are 5 % on the cost of works for Comprehensive Architectural Services, and 7.5 % each for interior designing and landscape architecture, 1 % on the cost of works assigned, to be computed at a rate of Rs 6000 per Sqm of proposed built-up area, for urban design projects subject to a minimum of ₹ 240000Learn more..

Best architects in Kerala

Ar G Shankar (habitat technology), Eugene Pandala are world-renowned architects for sustainable architecture and Green building projects, Hasan Naseef (URVI Foundation, Trivandrum), P B Sajan (Cosford, Thrissur), Vinu Daniel (Wallmakers), George P J, are the architects gained awards and commendation in the HUDCO Design Awards, Shyam Kumar PuravankaraVinod T (Bhoomi, Kannur), Binumol Tom are some of the other architects in Kerala belongs this group.

Fahed Abdul Majeed (Fahed + Architects, Kochi), Deepa Mathai (Arkind Architects, Kochi), Faris Abdulla Mahamood (F.Architects, Kannur), Nima Noorudin (NNI Associates, Doha), are the charter members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) from Kerala

Hamid M M and Hafeef PK (Zero Studio, Malappuram), Arjun Rajan (A’factree Architects, Ernakulam), Madhushitha C A (Cochin Creative Collective, Kochi) Mohandas P (Stapati, Calicut) are among the winners of IIA National Awards for Excellence In Architecture recent years. Srijith Srinivas from Trivandrum has won World Architecture Community Awards in the  year 2022

S Gopakumar (BKRG, Kochi) is the one and only architect from Kerala to win the Indian Institute of Architects’ Baburao Mhatre Gold Medal in 2020.

Why you should consult an architect ?

5 years of academic training and a couple of years experience in the field makes architects capable to execute the right techniques and ideas to bring your vision to life, they can help you get the most out of your budget, Architects think out of the box to design solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, Architects in Kerala are trained to understand the location, the impacts of building orientation and the importance of shading, natural lighting, and ventilation in reducing the demand for artificial lights and air conditioning, they can make your building more sustainable, Architect could help you avoid any surprise costs and timely finish your project.

Architects kerala
Architects kerala

Frequently Asked Questions

At which stage of construction should I consult an architect?

Once you confirm your requirements and gather design ideas you should consult the architect, and exchange your views, this will help to decide your budget, choose the style, prepare the ground, etc

How much does an architect cost in Kerala?

Most of the architectural firms in Kerala charge based on the proposed build-up area of the project, This varies from ₹ 40 / sq. ft to ₹ 150 / sq. ft for residential units, COA guidelines for Single Block Housing and sites up to 0.5 hectares are 5 % on the cost of works for Comprehensive Architectural Services, and 7.5 % each for interior designing and landscape architecture, 1% on the cost of works assigned, to be computed at a rate of Rs. 6000 per Sqm of proposed built-up area, for urban design projects subject to a minimum of ₹ 240000Learn more.

Why most people in Kerala think architects are not affordable?

Most of the people are not aware of the number of services architects provide for the fees they receive, they often compromise their dream home design with the draftsman who prepares the floor plan alone for a lesser amount

How to design my home by an architect at a lesser fee?

Divide the design tasks and choose necessary services, if you only require a building plan you can get it will cost you from Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 per Sq. Ft. Conveying all your requirements and design ideas at the very beginning will avoid multiple revisions and save your budget

Types of architects in Kerala for your projects

The different types of architecture are often characterized by the structure’s design and period of construction. When it comes to the different types of architects, licensed professionals are categorized based on the types of structures they most frequently design.

Many architects in Kerala specialized in branches of architecture like landscaping, urban designers, conservation, renovation projects, sustainable architecture, etc, some of them are focused on the hospitality sector and commercial projects.

Services provided by Kerala architects

The majority of architectural firms in Kerala are multidisciplinary firms involved in Architecture, Planning, Landscape design, Interior design, and project management. A team consisting of junior architects, interior designers,3D modeling design professionals and trainee architects led by the principal architect operates the design process. They design spaces for residences, interiors, home renovation projects, hospitality buildings, institutions, town planning, and turnkey construction projects.

COA has clearly defined the services architects should provide as follows,

Taking Client’s instructions and preparation of design brief. Site evaluation, analysis, and impact of existing and/or proposed development on its immediate environs. Design and site development, Structural design, Sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply, and sewerage design. Electrical, electronic, communication systems and design, Elevators, escalators, etc, Fire detection, Fire protection, and security systems, etc. Periodic inspection and evaluation of construction work.

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Different stages of services

ALLIED FIELDS: Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture, Architectural Conservation, Retrofitting of Buildings, Graphic Design and Signage

Visit COA website here

Concept design

This stage includes determining the client’s requirements, examining site constraints & potential; and preparing a design brief for the client’s approval. site evaluation, impact studies, mitigations, soil investigation, and prepare conceptual designs and rough estimates.

Preliminary design and drawings

Modify the conceptual designs incorporating required changes and prepare the preliminary drawings, sketches, study model, etc., for the Client’s approval along with a preliminary estimate of cost on an area basis.

Drawings for statutory approvals

Prepare drawings necessary for Client’s/ statutory approvals and ensure compliance with codes, standards, and legislation, as applicable and assist the Client in obtaining the statutory approvals thereof, if required.

Working drawing and tender document

Prepare working drawings, specifications, and schedule of quantities sufficient to prepare estimate of cost and tender documents including code of practice covering aspects like mode of measurement, method of payments, quality control procedures on materials & works and other conditions of contract

Appointment of contractors

Invite, receive and analyze tenders; advise Client on the appointment of contractors


provide drawings and details for the proper execution of works during the construction of projects

Approve samples of various elements and components. Visit the site of work, to inspect and evaluate the Construction Works and where necessary clarify any decision, offer an interpretation of the drawings/specifications, attend meetings to ensure that the projects proceeds generally following the conditions of the contract, and keep the clients informed and render advice on actions if required. Day-to-day supervision to be carried out by a Construction Manager (Clerk of Works/ Site Supervisor or Construction Management Agency in case of large and complex projects), who shall work under the guidance and direction of the Architect and shall be appointed and paid by the Client, and finally, issue Certificate of Virtual Completion of works.

Completion stage

Prepare and submit completion reports and drawings for the project as required and assist the Client in obtaining a “Completion/ Occupancy Certificate” from statutory authorities, wherever required. Issue two sets of as-built drawings including services and structures.

Guest house
Guest House for TPCL by Design Combine | © Design Combine
Poovar Island Resort by Iyer & Mahesh Architects | © Iyer & Mahest Aechitects
Coconut lagoon by Environmental Creations | © Environmental Creations

How to verify your architect in Kerala ?

There are many organisations in Kerala practicing home designing,architecture and interior designing, construction works,project management consultants etc, in the name of an architectural firm, Practicing as an Architect without a degree and registration under Council of Architecture (COA) is a punishable offence under Architect’s Act, 1972.

Enter your architects CA registration Number (Example: CA/XXXX/XXXXX

CA/1975/Reg.No.) here for quick verification

All leading architects in Kerala have their offices in Kochi, Ernakulam. Western parts of Kochi have many historical buildings, which are great examples of colonial-era architecture, while urban areas like kadavantra, Panampilly Nagar, Kaloor, Vyttila Edapally in Ernakulam has many buildings designed by top architects in Kochi

what does an architect do?

A lot of people don’t understand what an architect does. And the general public thinks that architects are engineers or that the same thing. And they’re not.    what does an architect does, and what their role is? and if you want to be one what that looks like.  there are a few different kinds of architects, there are design architects, there are technical architects who are good at understanding how things go together,  like building details, all the systems that go into a building, and the technical aspects of a building, and then business architects – people who are good at understanding how a business is operated, but may not be that that well-tuned when it comes to designing or the technical aspects. So if you’re thinking about hiring an architect or you want to become an architect just keep in your mind, that there’s not just one track that you

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Architects vs interior designers, roles and responsibilities

 Talking about the difference  between interior design and architecture  from the type of projects to liability  and license the design process  education career  and as we go through this you’ll probably  kind of get a sense of what type of  skills and personality type would be an  ideal fit for each  In a very general sense  architects design buildings including  the envelope, the foundation the roofs, and interior designers design the  spaces within that shell this  difference in scale has a huge  impact on the work itself, and your  day-to-day would say the biggest  difference is the speed the  timeline for an interiors project is  much much much shorter than an  architecture project  within the period of a few months or just a  few years you go from concept to  construction to completing a project in an architecture project the process of  going from concept to construction could take years 

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Never miss these six points in your building contract

Once the architect completes the designing part,common practice in Kerala is to  award the building contract to a building contractor. If we do not pay attention to these six things in the building contract, it may cause conflicts towards the end . Incompleteness in the contract ultimately benefits the contractor, note the following things. 1, Excavation & Earth work  Check whether excavation and earth works for ground leveling foundation and tanks included in the contract 2, Material Specification Along with the other building materials,quality of concrete grade, sand, TMT, Bricks, paint and PVC as well as other materials should be specified. There is a price difference of 30 – 60% depending on the quality. 3, Related works Some contractors do not mention interior works, septic tank, soak pit or compound wall in the contract.,This need  clarity. 4, Work Duration Not only the completion date, but it should also mention the

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