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Demand for upvc windows is highly increased since the past years since upvc windows and doors are considered as the ideal replacement for the traditional wooden windows and doors, it is a durable and environment friendly option you can choose for your home, and also (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) upvc windows are the most stylish alternative material which also improves look of your home ambiance, In commercial projects also many choose upvc windows in the building exteriors

upvc windows kerala price

Unlike traditional design windows and doors made of wood and aluminum windows and doors the high quality doors upvc windows frames are cheaper when it is made as sliding windows than the open/fixed window and doors due to the less usage of profiles and hardware, these are other factors decide the price of upvc windows are,

Quality of hardware

country of profile origin eg; german make

upvc profile manufacture

quality of glass

Profile reinforcement type

Upvc windows and doors price starts from Rs, 500 per Sq Ft to ₹750/ Square feet as per the year 2022 market rates

UPVC windows: Price, Cost, Advantages & UPVC vs PVC difference

PVC and uPVC materials are of different property, but some manufacturers call their uPVC windows PVC. Since uPVC doesn’t decompose and is weather-resistant, it is the best substitute for window frames.

Generally, uPVC doesn’t change shape, but it can be reshaped at high temperatures. Wooden or metal frames aren’t as energy-efficient as uPVC windows. Furthermore, uPVC can be used for door frames and conservatories.

UPVC window price and installation cost in India

Upvc Key Features


The primary color of most UPVC windows, doors, and external facias is white. However, developments in the manufacturing process have meant homeowners can now enjoy a variety of customizable shapes, styles, and effects such as wood grain.


UPVC is a much better alternative to traditional windows or doors because it’s stronger and lighter. It uses one-way locking mechanisms with double-glazed glass that makes break-in almost impossible.


UPVC is much lower in heat conductivity than other materials, and therefore it creates a closed-air system that minimizes the heat loss experienced by non-insulating materials.

Low Maintenance Structures

Unlike natural materials, UPVC doesn’t need annual sanding, varnishing, and repainting. Windows and doors made from UPVC can last for decades with no sign of wear and tear. The only upkeep is a wipe-down with soapy water to remove dirt or other marks, also a upvc window is easy to repair than a traditional window


With UPVC, your windows and doors are nearly invincible — they can stand up to the most extreme conditions, and don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion. And even better, our windows and doors have been coated with UV protection that prevents color fading when exposed to the sun for a long period.


One way to maximize ventilation and airflow in your office or home is to use UPVC windows. UPVC windows come in a variety of styles, which can work best for you depending on your needs. One efficient window configuration is called ’tilt and turn,’ which consists of two horizontal windows that can open into the room or out.

When closed, the windows tilt inward to release hot air. Turning it open quickly causes cool air to pour into the room. This is a great feature for when you want to clean or get some fresh air in your room.

Environment friendly

Maintenance of UPVC windows is minimal, and the windows have a life-span that ranges from 40 to 80 years. Along with being environmentally-friendly, most of the materials used to make UPVC windows are recyclable, reducing long-term usage on the environment.

When replacing old UPVC windows and doors, be sure to ask the installer what they plan on doing with the materials. Otherwise, you could end up paying for an unnecessary disposal fee.

rain resistant; water-resistant

UPVC windows and doors are weather-resistant, which means they can last for a really long time without aging. Plus, UPVCs won’t react to rain or humidity, so there’s less risk of cracks or peeling from the elements.


The UPVC material in combination with the double-glazed window panels helps to reduce the amount of noise that can enter the house. Most UPVC windows and doors should reduce external noise by up to 50%.

Fire resistant

If a fire had broken out, you wouldn’t want the flames to spread from the outside and into your home. Of course, you’ll need windows and doors that don’t pose a fire hazard. UPVC is also a material required by building regulations to prevent external fire spread, meaning it will keep the primary route open for 30 minutes in the event of a fire incident.

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A window is a connection between the outside and the inside of our lives. There are some functional behaviors of windows when you are connected with the outside. Nowadays there are three more critical performance parameter which is added to windows. If you open up the window probably you get fresh air of course, you do not have fresh air anymore in the ambiance, but still you  are allowed to have that.

vinyl chloride – is one of the most preferred materials for building and construction industry. Coming to materials in windows. Sustainability means it is such an economic ecological and social responsibility. Modern PVC windows with the energy saving properties post an outstanding life circle assessment from the production to the final circling. PVC windows can be as soft as sponge and as hard as wood. It can be used as pipes which is used for conveying water even potable water drinking water. The antibacterial and anti fungal properties choice for hospitals too

UPVC windows

Upvc windows are the new trend in the construction industry, How is a PVC window profile produced? Did you know that the main element of every window is the profile? This is the most important aspect of the window, as it influences all of its parameters.

. The window profiles of UPVC windows are made of highest quality components and using technologically advanced production lines. It is worth finding out more about the production of the PVC window profile by reputed brand. Component quality testing Before we start producing the profile, we precisely check the quality of the components of the PVC mixture from which the profile is made. Materials such as PVC and chalk have a significant impact on the quality of final products, which is why evaluating their quality is a critical component of profile production in the first place. We are eco-friendly. Each profile that cannot be sold is reused. The window profiles evaluated as being of poor quality in the quality control process are transported to the mill, where they are milled into smaller pieces. Those smaller elements are processed into re-granulate, which is a recycled raw material that can be reused in the production process in the company instead of granules. The profile that comes out of the head can reach up to 195 degrees Celsius, so it needs to be cooled. of titanium technology? This is a full-featured PVC profile with an admixture of titanium. Titanium Technology combines the highest-quality PVC with an admixture of titanium oxide at the stage of plastic forming. Titanium dioxide is an inorganic chemical compound consisting of a titanium molecule and two oxygen molecules. Due to its properties, this substance is widely used in industry as a natural dye, which is often called titanium white. It is also used as a mineral UV filter because it creates a resistant solar barrier. Multi-stage quality control: the strict control of all components in a carefully prepared recipe is not the end of the production process. Even during production, the profile is subjected to multi-stage quality control. During the testing, the upvc profiles are monitored for geometry, functionality, or color.

Types of upvc door and windows kerala

Upvc doors and window are mainly divided into two types based on the opening style, they are sliding windows and fixed windows and doors tilt and turn windows and doors are also available in the market casement windows and doors are another popular type of the upvc windows following are the main types of upvc doors and windows that are sold by leading upvc window installers in Kerala Markets