How to install on grid solar system in Kerala

On grid solar installations in Kerala

On grid solar system installations are getting popular in Kerala right now, Kerala society being early adopters of new technologies has welcomed on grid solar system installations to their rooftop, along with the implementation of green energy, on grid solar systems ensures a quick return on investment


Net metering of on grid solar system in Kerala

On grid solar installation in Kerala is connected to the KSEB power grid, Customers can produce their own electricity and export it to the grid. Energy bills from KSEB are calculated with help of a net meter by deducting consumption of the consumer from the production of their rooftop solar system, any excess production from the system is purchased by KSEB at a fixed rate (₹ 2.90 in 2020)

KSEB approval for on grid solar installations in Kerala

Consumers have to apply for a feasibility approval from KSEB,before installing the plant. This approval is granted generally within one week time if the local transformer got enough capacity to handle the requested solar installation, KSEB charges a fee of ₹ 1000 for this approval

After completing the installation customers has to apply for inverter testing from KSEB before commissioning the plant. Registration fees of ₹ 1000/kW plus tax according to the solar plant capacity, which is 80% refundable two months after completion, inverter testing from KSEB normally takes up to 3-4 weeks.

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