Solar company in Kerala

3 reasons Why you should install an on grid solar system before your neighbor does?

Solar company in Kerala

1, Feasibility certificate

which is issued from KSEB for installing an on-grid solar system in Kerala is approved first come first basis only up to 75% of the local transformer capacity,

Many residents who own or plans to buy electric vehicles were denied feasibility certificate for this reason at thickly populated cities like Kochi and Calicut



2, Tax hikes expected for solar energy components

According to the government documents, it will levy 40 percent customs duty on solar modules and 25 percent on solar cells from April 2022 as it looks to cut imports and expand local manufacturing


3, Earlier the investment the greater the return

Policies and concessions in renewable energy are expected to change in coming years, consumers can expect regulations in terms of plant capacity, power export, purchase agreements, etc.

Since the average period for return of investment on a grid system in Kerala is 4-7 years for domestic consumers, and much early when they use electric vehicles, induction cookers, etc., it will be a smart decision to install your solar system early as possible.

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