Solar Panels on flat roof

Solar panel installation structure in Kerala

Solar panel installation structure types

Since you are installing the solar system with an expected life span of 30-40 years, it is important to have a durable mounting structure for your solar panels


To achieve maximum output, the best direction for mounting a solar panel is to orient them toward the south because the sun is always in the southern half of the sky in the northern hemisphere. In Kerala, the best angle for a solar panel is 5 to 15 degrees towards the southward direction.

Roof type and mounting structure

Solar Panels on sheet roof
Solar Panels on sheet roof
Solar panels on sheet rooftop Model 2
Solar panels on sheet rooftop Model 2
Solar Panels on flat roof
Solar Panels on flat roof


Along with the concrete flat roof, slanting roofs are very popular in Kerala

Hot dipped GI, and aluminum are the most durable structure materials used in Kerala solar installations

Aluminum structures are mostly used for smaller installations, sheet rooftops, and places where the wind load is comparatively less

Hot dipped GI structures can be used for flat roofs along with heavy concrete blocks of 300 mm3 without any weld joints

Custom welded structures are fabricated at the site according to the solar directions and site conditions using GI tubes, such structures are an economical option for bigger installations but need proper maintenance and corrosion treatments.

Things to notice

Galvanic corrosion may happen when different types of materials like aluminum stainless steel and carbon steel when they are in contact with each other, such points should be protected and need to be maintained well

Cracks may develop in the weld joints if the tube thickness is too low or the welding is not proper

Warranty claims may get rejected if no Minimum clearance is maintained between the sheet roof and panels as recommended by the manufacturer

Invisible micro-cracks can be developed in the solar panels if the panels are not handled properly during installation, these cracks gradually lead to performance drop over the years

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