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A subsidy of ₹ 43,764 is available for 3kW system

Total cost of V guard ongrid system is ₹1,91,236


A subsidy of ₹ 58,352 is available for 5 Kw system

Total cost of V guard on-grid system is ₹2,96,648

A subsidy of ₹ 65,646 is available for 6kW system

Total cost of V guard ongrid system is ₹3,79,354


A subsidy of ₹ 80,234is available for 8kW system

Total cost of V guard ongrid system is ₹4,74,766


A subsidy of ₹ 94,822 is available for 10kW system

Total cost of V guard ongrid system is ₹5,65,78

V-Guard solar power system

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Public sentiment toward solar energy has changed a lot in the last decade due to the decline in solar panel prices in Kerala. The downward trend in rooftop solar panel prices in Kerala came to an end in 2021 mainly due to the GST rate hike from 5% to 12% in October. Solar panel price in Kerala is approximately Rs. 28/watt, the average cost of a solar installation is from Rs. 68,000/kW to 85,000/kW, 40% subsidy is available for on grid projects up to 3kW

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Solar panel price in Kerala

Solar cell materialAverage price in Kerala
polycrystallineRs. 24/watt
monocrystalline PERCRs. 26/watt
mono PERC half cutRs. 28/watt

How to install on-grid solar system in Kerala, 6 steps

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 Solar panels alone contribute about 50% of the total system cost, type of solar panels, inverter, batteries, and mounting structure are the four main factors that decide the cost of solar panel installation, cables, connectors, energy meters, junction boxes, protection system, and other accessories are the other components included in  a solar system

How to reduce your electricity bill ?

1, Switch to energy-efficient appliances

Using LED lights for the home lighting system, BLDC fans, replacing your old refrigerator, inverter batteries, water pump, water heater, air conditioner, etc. with new power-saving models can help a lot. You should also inspect wiring and switch boxes for power efficiency

2, Generate electricity

Solar panels can overcome consumers limitation in saving electricity by producing electricity

Solar panels installations

Solar power plants are the best renewable energy source for domestic consumers nowadays, thanks to the new technologies and government subsidies. There are mainly three categories of a solar system for domestic consumers those are off-grid, on-grid types, and hybrid solar systems

Despite the better efficiency and performance offered by the imported brands, many Keralites prefer to go for Indian made panels due to the slightly discounted price along with the service and support they expected to get during the 25 years of warranty 

Leading Indian manufacturers of solar panels are WareeVikram, TATA Power, Adani, etc., since basic materials required for manufacture are imported mainly from China, international brands like Panasonic, Canadian Solar, Trina, Jinko, etc., have been able to sell their panels close to the price of locally made panels.

polycrystalline panels have been used for various KSEB solar projects in Kerala, advanced version of monocrystalline solar panel, mono-perc solar panels are getting the most preferred type for rooftop PV solar installations in Kerala nowadays.

Types of solar installations for your home in Kerala

3 types of solar systems are mainly used in rooftop solar plants in Kerala

Off grid solar power system

In an off-grid PV system, power output from solar panels is stored in batteries, making it more expensive, system size depends mainly on the power rating of appliances how long you run them

On grid solar system

Since the power output is connected to the grid without battery storage, grid-connected solar PV systems are more popular now due to the low maintenance and installation cost. On-grid PV solar system size to be decided based on your annual power consumption and future demand

Hybrid solar system

A hybrid system is similar to an on-grid system with solar energy storage. The hybrid inverter has a DC power output to charge the storage batteries, since grid-connected system does not produce energy during KSEB power failures as a safety precaution, the hybrid solar system generates power and recharges the batteries during such a scenario

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Types of solar systems, Mounting structures,Working principles, types of solar panels, performance, Warranty Etc

On grid, Off grid and Hybrid solar system price Kerala

On grid solar panel systems are feasible from 3kW onwards and complete installation will cost you anywhere between ₹ 58,000 to ₹ 70,000 for 1kW in Kerala inclusive of taxes without subsidy

An off grid solar panel system requires a charge controller and batteries in addition and would cost anywhere between ₹ 75,000 to ₹ 95,000 per kW in Kerala, depending on the type of solar panels, power inverters, and batteries that you choose

Hybrid solar systems are most expensive and can not be considered as a money-saving option as of now, consumers who face extended power failures frequently and require flawless energy round the clock may install this solar system

The downward trend in rooftop solar panel prices in Kerala came to an end in 2021 mainly due to the GST rate hike from 5% to 12% since October. Solar panel price in Kerala is expected to increase again in 2022 since there is a plan to levy 25% to 40% customs duty on components for solar panel manufacturing

Central government programs provide a 40% subsidy to domestic consumers in Kerala, for building rooftop PV solar system projects above 2kW capacity, the installation has to be done by an authorized vendor to claim the subsidy

3 kW On Grid Solar System Price Kerala

3 kW on grid solar system is ideal for medium sized homes with power consumption less than 12 kW h per day.

3 kW on grid solar system is now available from  ₹ 65,000/kilowatt  for complete installation. This package includes, solar panels, grid tie inverter, ACDB, DCDB, AC& DC cables, Energy meter, Net meter, Lightning protection system, Earthing systems, structure, with taxes and KSEB documentation charges

3kw solar panel price in Kerala with subsidy

3kw solar panel system in Kerala will cost Rs. 1,33,118 with a subsidy as per the latest price list published by Kerala State Electricity Board

KSEB Solar System Price in Kerala after subsidy

The leading Distribution company in Kerala, KSEB which is owned by Kerala government, under soura solar policy, Provides four schemes customers can choose from according to their investment and monthly consumption. In model 1, KSEB and customers share the expense of rooftop solar power installation and power production. In model 2 plans consumers get a 40% subsidy without production sharing

Solar panel price in Kerala with subsidy  for 2kW, 3kW, 5kW are as follows

KSEB has resumed the solar installations under the subsidy scheme with more vendors since they want to finish maximum projects before 31st March 2022, ANERT is also involved in the process with more installation companies across Kerala

Plant CapacityPrice after subsidy
2 kWpRs. 95,725
3 kWpRs. 1,33,118
5 kWpRs. 2,60,118

These prices are for the total project including 12% GST for single-phase on-grid system using polycrystalline panels 

  1. What is the cost of solar panels in Kerala?

    Solar panel price in Kerala is approximately Rs. 24/watt, the average cost of a solar installation is from Rs. 58,000/kW to 70,000/kW, 40% subsidy is available for on grid projects up to 3kW

  2. What is the price of one solar panel in India?

    Solar panel price is calculated based on the energy it produces, the latest Monoperc panels are sold at approximately Rs. 30 per watt in India, and production output from a solar panel with 144 cells sized 1-meter width and 2-meter length with the efficiency of 20% produces 400-watt energy, and will cost you Rs. 12,000 

  3. How much does it cost for a 3 kW on grid system including KSEB subsidy in Kerala?

    3kw solar panel system in Kerala will cost Rs. 1,33,118 with a subsidy as per the latest price list published by Kerala State Electricity Board

  4. How to apply for solar subsidy scheme in Kerala?

    KSEB consumers can apply for a subsidy up to 40% on on-grid solar installations in Kerala, through the ekiran website, or buymysun portal by ANERT

  5. Which type of roof is required to install a solar system?

    A slanting roof at an angle of 10 degrees towards southward direction is ideal for solar installations in Kerala conditions, An additional structure may be required if your roof does not meet the above-said condition

  6. Which type of solar panels are ideal for solar installations in Kerala?

    Polycrystalline panels are been used for years with great customer satisfaction, Monoperc panels offer better performance in low light conditions and are more expensive, selection of solar panels should be done based on the return of your investment

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Best solar panels in Kerala

India is among the leading solar panel manufacturing countries. The list of top solar panel manufacturers in India given below,

Tata solar panel price in Kerala
Tata solar panel price in Kerala

Tata power solar

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