Solar panels in kerala

Public sentiment in solar energy has changed a lot from the last decade due to the decline in solar panel price in kerala.More people afford to purchase solar pv systems in india .KSEB tariff rates for domestic customers increases propotional to consumption so that each unit of power you saves can primarly reduce your monthly electricity bill.

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How to reduce your electricity bill ?

1, Switch to energy-efficient appliances

Using LED lights for the home lighting system, BLDC fans, replacing your old refrigerator, inverter batteries, water pump, water heater, Air conditioner with new power-saving models can help a lot. You should also need to check wiring and switch boxes for power efficiency.

2, Generate your own electricity

Solar panels can overcome consumers’ limitations in saving electricity by producing electricity.

Solar Panels

Solar power plants are the best renewable energy source for domestic consumers nowadays, thanks to the new technologies and government subsidy. There are mainly two categories of the solar system for domestic consumers off-grid and on-grid types.

Off grid solar power system

In an off-grid pv system, power output from solar panels is stored in batteries, making it expensive; system size depends mainly on the power rating of appliances and how long you run them.

On grid solar system

Since the power output is connected to the grid without storage,grid-connected solar pv systems are more popular now. You need to check your maximum monthly usage and connected load to choose the desired system size in on-grid pv solar panels.

Hybrid solar system

Hybrid sytem is similar like a grid connected system with solar energy storage. The hybrid inverter has an extra power output to charge the storage batteries. On grid system does not produce energy when the KSEB supply is down as a safety precaution, Hybrid solar system provides power backup during such a scenario.

Solar Panel price in Kerala

Cheapest among the categories, a grid-connected solar panel system includes panels, solar inverter , wiring, structure, connectors, junction boxes, etc. This type of solar panel unit would cost anywhere between ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 58,000 per 1 kW without subsidy.

An off-grid solar panel system needs a Charge controller and batteries in addition and would cost anywhere between ₹ 60,000 to ₹ 75,000 per kW depending on the type of solar panels and inverter that you choose.

The downward trend in rooftop solar panel prices are expected to continue in the coming years. Within 4 to 5 years, solar panels price in Kerala is anticipated to decline ₹ 5-7/watt, making solar energy much cheaper.

Central Government programs provide a 40% subsidy to all domestic consumers; for buildings rooftop PV solar power system projects above 2 kW capacity, the installation must be done by authorized vendors. 

3 kW On Grid Solar System Price Kerala

3 kW on grid solar system is ideal for medium sized homes with power consumption less than 12 kW h per day.

3 kW on grid solar system is now available at an attractive price of  ₹ 158700/-  for complete installation. This package includes, solar panels, grid tie inverter, ACDB, DCDB, AC& DC cables, Energy meter, Net meter, Lightning protection system, Earthing systems, structure, with taxes and KSEB documentation charges

Solar panel price Kerala
solar panel price Kerala

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KSEB Solar System Price in Kerala

The leading Distribution company in Kerala, KSEB solar policy, Provides four schemes customers can choose from according to their investment and monthly consumption. In model 1, KSEB and customers share the expense of rooftop solar power  installation and power production.

KSEB Solar panel price in kerala
3 kW solar panel price Kerala

Model 1A

2 kW solar – ₹ 10,320

3 kW solar – ₹15,120


2 kW solar – ₹ 17,200

3 kW solar – ₹25,200


2 kW solar – ₹ 21,500

3 kW solar – ₹31,500


2 kW solar – ₹ 51,600

3 kW solar – ₹75,600 

Solar Panel price in Kerala​
Solar Panel price in Kerala​

Buy your solar now

4 different models of solar sytem for your home


Consumers pay only a part of the total installation cost of the project, and total solar power generation will be shared based on your investment; 25 years of maintenance will be done by KSEBL. These solar panel plans are expected to generate twice the return of your investment.

Model 1A

Your Contribution – 12% of total cost(Maximum-₹6;200/kW)

Your return – 25% of power Generated.

1 kW solar system can produce an yearly average of 4 units of electricity per day,3 units will be taken by KSEB you can consume 1 kW h unit of power in this plan.similarly 2 kW plan will produce 2 units of free power every day,This plan is for customers with monthly consumption of 120 units.

Model 1B

Your Contribution – 20% of total cost(Maximum-₹11,000/kW)

Your return – 40% of power Generated.

In This plan you can consume free electricity of 3.2 kW h daily for a 2 kW solar plant.

customers with monthly consumption less than 150 units can apply for this plan.

Model 1C

Your Contribution – 25% of total cost(Maximum-₹14,000/kW)

Your return – 50% of power Generated.

Similarly you get 4 units for 2 kW plan.

customers with monthly consumption less than 2000 units can apply for this plan.

Model 2

Your contribution 60% of the total cost

Your return – 100% of power Generated.

Five years maintenance by KSEBL

Visit the KSEB website to download solar price list here.


Where to install your Solar Panel System ?

Open terrace of your house measuring 100 Sq-ft is enough to produce 1 kW solar power if the solar system area is under direct sunlight, not covered by shadows, and inclined southwards at 16-18 degrees,additional frame should be fabricated according to the module design parameters . Monocrystalline panels got more efficiency than Polycrystalline solar panels

Where to buy solar panels in Kerala ?

There are many distributors of solar systems in Kerala, Since installations made under the schemes from KSEB are only eligible to get up to 40% discount; majority of home owners naturally prefer KSEB plans.

How long it may take to complete the installation by kseb ?

From the 2.8 lakhs application received till 2020 for the roof top solar program 4600 applications were selected after the screening process , Kseb plans to start the installation from first quarter of 2021.

Why KSEB solar programme get delayed ?

The delay in the installation is due to the laborious screening process. Parameters such as flat rooftops with no external interferences such as tall trees, road access to the site, network connectivity and assurance that building owners would not undertake any rooftop modifications in the next five years were considered

1, KSEB has not provided enough information regarding space occupancy rights,performance warranty,maintenace obligation conditions,contract withdrawal options etc, this create confusion among customers causing delay in project execution.

2, Applicant has to provide additional structure incase their roof top is not flat asper the design requirements, this addititional expenses often distracts the cutomers and delays the project execution.

Call KSEB Customer care for more details 04712555544

Best solar panels in Kerala

India is among the leading solar panel manufacturing countries. The list of top solar panel manufacturers in India given below,

Tata power solar

  • India’s Most Trusted Brand in renewable energy
  • Number 1 Solar Rooftop EPC Company for six years in a row*
  • Great dealer network
  • 15,000+ residential solar panel systems installation
  • 30 years of experience with 345 MW+ of projects .
  • 24X7 service support

Check which solar module you need using the Tata power solar calculator app.

Tata power solar
Tata solar panel price in Kerala

Tata solar power has been the prominent dealer of KSEB for its domestic solar power plant projects; the Agency for Non-Conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT), along with the Government of India and Kerala, initiated a program to install solar power systems in all cities and rural areas in Kerala.7700+ customers choose tata power solar for their solar power pv system.

Vikram solar limited, Waaree Energies Limited, Adani solar, Renewsys solar, etc., are some other leading manufacturers of solar panels in India.

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